Conference Venue

The conference will be take place in Faculty's Conference Hall between the dates of 2-3 May 2014.

How To Reach Conference Venue?

By air

The nearest major airport Trabzon National Airport (TZX) is well-connected to Gümüşhane City Center by car, bus and shuttle. Served by more than 4 airlines, this airport is readily accessible from Istanbul AtatürkInternational Airport (IST). Every major international airport around the world offers frequent direct flights to Istanbul. Shuttles from TZX to Gümüşhane depart from Trabzon Bus Terminal. Communication with shuttle company:

Gümüşvadi Tel: +90 462 325 04 74 (Trabzon Office)
                  Tel: +90 456 213 81 21 (Gümüşhane Office)

By car and bus

Gümüşhane lies approximately half-way on E-97 motorway between Trabzon and Erzurum over the North-east region of Türkiye. E-97 motorway has also a good road connection from Georgia through Batumi. A wide network of buses covers the whole Türkiye. Contributors may easily reach Gümüşhane from any of the central city bus station around Türkiye.