Welcome Address

Poverty reduction has been a major goal for many governments, international organizations and academics. Various poverty reduction strategies and theories are based on whether they make more of the basic human needs available or increase the disposable income needed to purchase those needs. However both academics and practitioners have neglected to aim the issue of poverty with interdisciplinary eyes.

Responding to this situation, from climate change to urban development, from child labor to women issues, from African hunger to conflict resolution in Middle East, now it is time to deal poverty with broader perspective.

Creating a mechanism for sustainable actions both at national and international level, it is a must for business and economics academics and researchers to provide critical definitions and theoretical explanations of poverty’s current phenomena. The 2nd International Conference on Critical Issues in Business and Economics aims to broadly define and analysis current situation of poverty and to suggest solutions to overcome poverty. The conference theme will be reflected in the workshops, discussions, papers and speeches of the conference. I anticipate that these and related issues will be of interest to scholars working in, among others, economics, finance, politics, management, sociology, globalization, international relations, cultural studies, philosophy, ethics, refugee studies, migration and urban studies.

I would like to extend my invitation to attend the second International Conference on Critical Issues in Business and Economics in Gümüşhane from 2 to 3 May, 2014.

We believe we can end poverty.

Prof.Dr. İhsan GÜNAYDIN
Rector, Gümüşhane University